Common Data Loss Causes

What is Data Loss?

Data loss is an incident in which user or software delete or corrupt the data.  It may happen by accident or on purpose.

Data loss makes all your data unusable or corrupted, or partial data loss.

Data Loss is a major concern for businesses because it can have a huge impact on their business.

Here we will discuss the common Data Loss Causes, and how to prevent it

Top 5 Common Data Loss Causes

  1. Human Error
  2. Power Failure
  3. Software Corruption
  4. Natural Disaster
  5. Computer Viruses

1. Data Loss by Human Error:

This is the most common type of Data Loss. As no Human is perfect, they commit data loss by accident. It may occur while copying, updating, and deleting the data.

Human are prone to mistakes in day-to-day tasks like working on excel sheets or Word Documents. Sometimes these mistakes will have a huge impact on the business.


To prevent data loss by Human Error, a business should

  •  conduct data handling best practices training for its employees, and 
  • Regular data backup.

2. Data Loss Due to Power Failure

The second most common data loss issue is data loss due to Power Failure. This data loss often happens in places with unstable power or poor data protection.

Data loss happens when user is working on a document and interruption of power supply occurs.


To prevent Data loss due to Power Failure, businesses should use 

  • UPSs with the desktops, 
  • in house inverters, and 
  • systems should have auto-save features installed.

3. Data Loss Due to Software Corruption

The other common cause of Data loss is Software corruption. Data loss also happens due to Software corruption in many ways. 

While working on software and in the middle if the software crashes, then you will lose any unsaved data. Likewise, bugs can lead to data loss in the form of data corruption etc.


To prevent data loss from Software corruption, a business needs to 

  • test the software’s robustness, and update it on regular basis.
  •  Likewise, regular backup will reduce data loss scenarios.

4.Data Loss Due to Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can also cause Data Loss to businesses.  There are different types of scenarios of data loss due to Natural Disasters. Sometimes due to natural disasters like earthquakes  can damage data storage devices. Likewise, Natural disasters can lead to power outages and environmental damages.


To prevent data loss from Natural Disaster, a business needs to 

  • Regular backup the data.
  •  Use Cloud Backup to store data online.

5. Data Loss Due to Computer Viruses

The other important data loss cause is due to viruses. Viruses can encrypt, corrupt or delete important data from the systems. A computer virus is malicious software which can infect files and computer programs. Computer viruses can cause file corruption, and encryption, and even steal important data.


To prevent data loss due to computer viruses, you should 

  • enable Windows Firewalls, 
  • install Antiviruses and
  •  backup your data.

Data Recovery:

If you lose your data then there is a hope to recover your precious data back. And it by opting for Data Recovery services. Yes, Data recovery experts can recover your lost data. 

When you encounter with a data loss scenario,

  • stop using your system, 
  • shut it down and
  •  contact Data Recovery experts.

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