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Lifeguard Data Recovery, we have the best RAID Data Recovery India experts having more than 10 years of experience in Raid. Our RAID Data Recovery experts in India can help in solving your Critical Raid Cases. Apart from RAID Data Recovery, we are also the industry experts in RAID repair services. Our RAID Data experts make use of the most advanced and modern data recovery technology and technique for data recovery from all types of RAID. Our goal is to restore your important and valuable data without any kind of loss.
Lifeguard Data Recovery can help you to restore your Valuable Data.

 We offer solutions for all RAID problems like:
  • Corrupted RAID
  • Drives offline
  • Unbootable Systems
  • Missing Partitions
  • Controller Failure
  • Physical Damage to one or more hard drives in the RAID
  • Single or Multiple Hard Drive Failure(s).
  • Damage to the RAID Volume or Container Information
  • Incorrect Re-build or Re-initialization of the RAID
  • Any other types of potential data loss.

RAID, NAS, and SAN Data Recovery Services

Data recovery and repair services of RAID.

Multiple drive failure

If we are not able to recover your data, we will not ask you to pay.

Physical Damage

Our expert staff provides solutions for all RAID problem
Data protection is crucial for companies, yet it is increasingly difficult to implement due to the complexity of the devices on which information is stored and the enormous amount of stored data.
Loss of vital data can be devastating for poorly prepared businesses, as it can take a considerable amount of time and resources to recover data, and in the meantime, you also risk losing the trust of your customers, this is why SSD Recovery is a great option.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Lifeguard Data Recovery has witnessed the highest success in hard drive data recovery in Secunderabad. Most people store sensitive data in HDDs and so, naturally, they remain anxious to get their data recovered in case there is an issue with the hard drive. From repairing the hard drive to retrieving the data, everything is handled by our highly proficient service professionals.

Ransomware Data Recovery

This malicious software attacks the device through phishing emails and encrypts the data, thereby, blocking access to it. Then a ransom is demanded to be paid to regain data access. We have years of experience in tackling Ransomware issues for all kinds of media devices and aid in Ransomware recovery in Hyderabad and other cities in India.

RAID Data Recovery

Our experts at Lifeguard Data Recovery have more than a decade of experience in critical RAID 5 data recovery issues. We specialize in RAID data recovery in Hyderabad, India. We employ qualified RAID specialists, who use cutting-edge data recovery technologies and methods to retrieve data from all kinds of Raid servers and provide online RAID recovery and repair services as well.

Mac Data Recovery

We offer Mac data recovery in Hyderabad, India to individual clients as well as companies. We can retrieve data from all varieties of Mac drives and detect various issues related to the drives. We have experience in MacBook SSD data recovery, MacBook Air, and other Mac devices.
For this we have collected 6 best practices that all companies should adapt to protect data and recover it quickly, if necessary:

Make And Follow A Written Plan

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan for any type of business should include details on how to recover the data. Each staff member should have what job he or she has to do, whether it’s always saving work done on the server or being responsible for managing cloud backups.
A written plan should establish the different levels of protection, as well as concrete measures to be followed in the event of data loss. A formal plan that is discussed and thoroughly reviewed makes it less likely that the most important data or procedures will be forgotten.

Automate Your Backup Processes

Periodically setting up automatic backups and other data recovery activities will ensure that you avoid the risks caused by manually performed processes. Think of a small or medium-sized business, where only one person is responsible for the manual backup processes.

What could happen if that person leaves the company or goes on vacation?

Problems may occur if there is no backup. Thanks to the automation of processes, today it is possible to guarantee companies constant protection without requiring the mandatory presence of someone.

Be Smart

The acronym SMART, in the data recovery sector, stands for “Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology”, i.e. the technology for self-diagnostics, analysis, and reporting that is used to prevent hard disk failures.
With this system, staff can back up and replace storage devices before they fail, without disrupting normal business.

Use The Cloud Without Falling From The Clouds

Effective data recovery plans should include different methods of data storage for maximum flexibility and redundancy, understood as continuity of services in the event of failure. This means relying on cloud computing services to have a cost-effective solution that will not suffer consequences in the event of local disasters.
Thanks to the cloud, data recovery is simple and inexpensive as it can be accessed from any Internet connection.

Avoid Free Data Recovery Systems

In the event of a corporate data loss, a quick Google search will result in numerous free data recovery tools and utilities that promise fast data recovery. The problem with this software is that they often don’t work and can be full of malware.
These tools could even damage data during extraction, resulting in a huge waste of time and a higher-than-expected cost for businesses.

Choose A Leading Data Recovery Company

Contact a data recovery company that has the right software and hardware tools for data recovery at an affordable cost. It is advisable to rely on those who have already successfully solved numerous cases of different gravity, someone like Data Recovery Services in Agra.
Furthermore, the recovered data must remain confidential, serious companies also recognize themselves based on their care for customer privacy.
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