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Hard Drive Data Recovery interventions on a damaged hard disk are among the most requested on the market. Even today we use hard disks for a large number of data storage purposes, from professional ones to the preservation of files and data relating to memories or private life. we provides data recovery in all over andhra pradesh india.

The problem with hard drives is that there are several models on the market. The peculiarities of these media, therefore, vary, as well as the different versions of hard disks belonging to the same model.

Then there are no hard drives that are particularly immune to damage, failure, or wear problems. So we must take into account that it could be our hard disk, which seemed to show no problems, to “abandon” us suddenly.

Most of the data recovery interventions on a hard disk that has problems are strictly technical. They, therefore, need qualified facilities and personnel, something like Data Recovery Services in Vijaywada.

Among the Data Recovery Services in Andhra Pradesh, data recovery on damaged hard drives is one of the most requested. As in many other cases in this area, timeliness and prudence can make the difference. Getting your hands on a hard drive that doesn’t work anymore, because maybe on the internet a guide explains how to do it, it is almost always a very bad idea.


Let’s see the examples of the most common failures on a hard disk and the type of intervention to be implemented for data recovery.

Common causes of hard disk damage:

We can categorize common cases of hard disk damage into two groups: logical damage and mechanical damage.

Logical Damage

We are faced with a logical problem when the hard disk works, but it is not possible to access all or part of the files in it. This can happen due to accidental deletion, file system errors, the presence of malware.

Often on rather “old” hard disks, magnetic damage can occur, which leads to the lack of readability of some areas of the device itself.


Mechanical Damage

The physical damage of a hard disk instead concerns the mechanics of the device. Physical damage includes:

  • Falls or bumps
  • Electrical failure, such as a power surge
  • Flood or fire
  • Engine seizure understood as the blocking of engine rotation


Damage to GMR sensors

These are intended to read and write data on the magnetic surface of the hard disk. They are particularly fragile and damage results in the inability to access data on the device.


Hard Drive Data Recovery

Ransomware Data Recovery

Lifeguard Data Recovery has witnessed the highest success in hard drive data recovery in Secunderabad. Most people store sensitive data in HDDs and so, naturally, they remain anxious to get their data recovered in case there is an issue with the hard drive. From repairing the hard drive to retrieving the data, everything is handled by our highly proficient service professionals. This malicious software attacks the device through phishing emails and encrypts the data, thereby, blocking the access to it. Then a ransom is demanded to be paid to regain data access. We have years of experience in tackling Ransomware issues for all kinds of media devices and aid in Ransomware recovery in Hyderabad and other cities in India.

RAID Data Recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Our experts at Lifeguard Data Recovery have more than a decade of experience in critical RAID 5 data recovery issues. We specialize in RAID data recovery in Hyderabad, India. We employ qualified RAID specialists, who use cutting-edge data recovery technologies and methods to retrieve data from all kinds of Raid servers and provide online RAID recovery and repair services as well. We offer Mac data recovery in Hyderabad, India to individual clients as well as companies. We can retrieve data from all varieties of Mac drives and detect various issues related to the drives. We have experience in MacBook SSD data recovery, MacBook Air, and other Mac devices.


How Data Recovery On Damaged Hard Drives Takes Place

Not all damage to a hard drive requires opening it in a Data Recovery Services in Vijaywada cleanroom. Some logical anomalies can be resolved differently. However, this does not mean that DIY is the right choice. If you don’t know what to do, the risks of making the situation worse are quite high.

Data Recovery Services in Andhra Pradesh conducts the diagnosis and correct identification of the problem represents the first and essential step in data recovery. Know-how combined with technical tools ensures that the success rate in data recovery is extremely high.

If the damage to the device is mechanical, intervening on the hard disk outside a cleanroom is the fastest way to lose all data. The cleanroom is in an aseptic environment (air is up to 50,000 times purer than normal), designed specifically for interventions with a high technical value.

In the cleanroom, it is also possible to carry out simultaneous interventions. Data recovery is a particularly delicate process. Once you have identified the data you can recover, you need to understand how to proceed. It may be necessary to replace specific components of the hard disk and therefore, in some cases, also to find a twin device of the one in question (not an easy operation if you are dealing with particularly dated devices).

Are There More Reliable Hard Drives?

While it is true that some models and brands would seem to have the higher build quality and therefore have lower breakage percentages, these articles and research should always be taken with springs. Excluding contents that hide a clear commercial intent, also for other research on the matter, we must always consider context, intensity, and degree of use of the hard disk, at times big brands also fail to provide the best protection and this is where Data Recovery Services in Vijaywada steps in.

What About Micro SD Cards?

Micro SD cards have spread widely in recent years. The advantages are soon said: small size, combined with an excellent storage capacity. Micro SD cards are found not only in smartphones but also in other devices, such as digital cameras or tablets.

These storage media are subject to the same problems as other devices, which can compromise their ability to read files and data. As in many other cases, the problem must be identified in the preventive analysis.

Sometimes it can happen that it is not the micro SD card that is damaged, but that the problem should instead be sought in the smartphone itself, in a mechanical or software side failure (to learn more, see the section on data recovery from a smartphone).

In this case, the simplest test is to try the card on another device. Once a negative result has been obtained (so the card is the problem), it is necessary to take action to recover the data. Let’s see the main causes that can lead to data loss on micro SD cards and what to do (and what not to do).



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