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Case Study: Data Recovery of WD Spyglass 4TB External Hard Drive

Case Study: Data Recovery of WD Spyglass 4TB External Hard Drive

Client’s External Hard Drive Issue and Data Recovery:

The client was in a state of panic when his WD SpyGlass 4TB external hard drive started making sounds and was not being detected. Worried about losing his valuable data, he reached out to a friend who had faced a similar problem in the past. The friend had successfully recovered their data and referred the client to
us  based on his positive experience with our data recovery services.

Visiting Our Data Recovery Center:

Upon contacting us and explaining the problem, we invited the client to visit our office and shared our address via WhatsApp. Once the client arrived, he provided our data recovery team with a detailed description of the damage to the hard drive. After completing the necessary formalities, we sent the hard drive for a FREE DIAGNOSIS to our Data Recovery Experts.

Identifying the Hard Drive Issue:

The diagnosis revealed that the motor of the hard drive was stuck. With the client’s permission, we opened the WD SpyGlass Hard Drive in our Class 100 clean room and remove platters and checked is any scratches on platters. The platters showed no signs of scratches and used a microscope to analyze the heads. Fortunately, we determined that the heads were in good condition and could be used from the client’s hard drive.

Stuck Motor: WD spyglass 4TB Hard Disk

WD SpyGlass 4TB External Hard Drive

Swapping Heads and Recovery Procedure:

We swapped the platters and heads into the donor body. After unlocking the ROM of the hard disk, we converted the 4TB Spyglass external hard drive PCB from USB to SATA. This conversion was necessary because WD Spyglass Hard Drives are encrypted and require a different interface for data recovery. With the conversion complete, we initiated the data recovery process.

Successful Data Recovery:

Fortunately, we were able to successfully recover all the important data from the client’s WD Spyglass hard disk. We requested a backup hard drive from the client and saved all the recovered data onto it. The client, a videographer with various clients’ videos and photographs stored on the hard drive, expressed great relief and happiness upon seeing his data intact. He had been deeply concerned about losing their clients’ valuable videos and photographs.


In conclusion, our team at LifeGuard Data Recovery successfully recovered the client’s important data from their malfunctioning WD Spyglass 4TB external hard drive. Through our expertise, meticulous analysis, and utilization of a donor body, we were able to overcome the motor issue and retrieve the data. By adhering to best practices and converting the drive to the appropriate interface, we ensured a successful recovery. The client’s satisfaction and relief at the recovery of their crucial videos and photographs reaffirmed our commitment to providing exceptional data recovery services.

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