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Data Recovery of WD Charger 2 TB External Hard Drive (Case Study)

Case Study: Data Recovery of WD Charger 2 TB External Hard Drive

Data Recovery 2 TB External Hard Disk Drive WD Charger

Client’s External Hard Disk Issue and Data Recovery

The client had a 2 TB WD Charger external hard drive that accidentally fell from his hands. After the fall, the hard drive started making beeping sounds and was not recognized when connected to their Dell Laptop.
Concerned about potential data loss, the client searched for data recovery services in Hyderabad and discovered LifeGuard Data Recovery.

Visiting Our Data Recovery Center:

Impressed by our reputation and positive reviews, the client contacted us and visited our LifeGuard Data Recovery office in Hyderabad to seek assistance. They explained the damage scenario to our team, and we promptly assigned a case ID. The hard drive was then sent for FREE DIAGNOSIS by our Data Recovery Experts.

Identifying the Hard Drive Issue:

Upon diagnosing the hard drive, our experts determined that the heads were stuck on the platters. With the client’s permission, we opened the WD Charger hard drive in our Class 100 Clean Room to address the issue. Using specialized tools, we carefully released the stuck heads from the platters. We examined the heads under a microscope and discovered that they were damaged. Fortunately, the platters showed no signs of scratches.

Swapping Heads and Recovery Procedure:

In our Class 100 Clean Room, we replaced the damaged heads of the WD Charger hard drive. Since WD Charger hard drives are encrypted, we converted the drive from USB to SATA after unlocking its ROM. With the necessary modifications, we initiated the data recovery process.

Successful Data Recovery:

Fortunately, we were able to successfully recover all the important data from the client’s WD Charger hard drive. We requested a backup hard drive from the customer and saved all the recovered data onto it. The customer, who was a videographer with various client videos and photographs on the drive, was extremely relieved and satisfied with the
recovery outcome.


In conclusion, our team at LifeGuard Data Recovery successfully recovered all the important data from the client’s damaged WD Charger 2 TB external hard drive. By operating in
our Class 100 Clean Room and utilizing our expertise in data recovery, we resolved the issue of stuck heads, replaced the damaged heads, and converted the drive from USB to SATA. We were then able to retrieve all the data, including valuable client videos and photographs. The customer expressed their gratitude and relief at having their precious data recovered.

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